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Wednesday is the third night in Night Blights. In this night, two more new game mechanics are introduced, and the difficulty is again slightly higher than the previous night.

The Story

The Blights are unclean and revel in grime,
So up from your toilet, quite often they'll climb.

Give them a flush as quick as you can,
Else hiding round corners, will be their great plan.

Blights will come down your chimney so keep the fire alight,
Use the bellows to be safe through the terror filled night.

For should the fire be left to wither and die,
Then in come the Night Blights, all creeping and sly.

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Yet another 2 threats are introduced in this night, including the 4 other threats from previous nights.


The Blights will now come up from the bathroom toilet on Wednesday night and onward. When the player hears a Blight from the bathroom, the player must run to the bathroom as quickly as possible and use a stool or jump to flush the toilet. If you do not reach the toilet in time to flush the Blight, they will hide around corners to attack the player. So be very careful once a Blight is out of the toilet.


The fireplace is the second threat the player learns about in the storybook for this night. The player must keep the flame ablaze with the bellows. If the player fails, a Blight will come down the chimney and into your home.