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Thursday is the fourth night in Night Blights. Another location in the house is introduced to the player, as well as two more hiding places for the Night Blights. Difficulty is once again raised from the previous night.

The Story

If you think you are done,
a mistake has been made

They will try every harder
to make you afraid.

They come ever faster for the ones you hold dear;
With their traps and their tricks, to fill you with fear.

If you see a Night Blight wandering round,
Try treading with care, you don't want to be found.

When their presence is known, you must keep well away,
Night Blights get bored, when they can't find their prey. Page 10 11 Thursday


Thursday is the final night that that introduces any new threats. The player now has the air vents and Blights hiding in plants to be wary of.