Wiki Adoption

Hi there!

My name is Sheena or Psychobilly and I'm here to propose that I take over this wiki.

Coming to this wiki as a fan of Night Blights and personal friends with the creator of this game, I have a huge love and passion for this game. Coming here and seeing the lack of edits and mods disappointed me greatly. So, I want to take over this wiki and rebuild it, adding all the info this wiki needs to build a great community and become a helpful reference to anything and everything Night Blights.

Things I would do if I adopted this wiki:

  • Create a special background, favicon and wiki header image
  • Create portable infoboxes for characters and game info
  • Fill out information on each page ranging from the each night to the game mechanics
  • Upload hi-res and transparent images that I receive from the game's developer and add them to their respected pages
  • Unite the community with interactive forum discussions, forum games, etc

Please leave any and all questions, concerns and comments down below and let me know what you think!