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• 6/19/2018

The Player, Sister and Baby Brother Age?

What is the age of the Player, The Baby Brother and the Sister? I've been curious lately. Also no one added a Brother, Player and Sister so this wiki pretty much a mess.... we need this to be fixed and the age please!?
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• 6/18/2018

Fixing this place up

I've recently came across this place and realized how much of a mess it is. Due to the fact that nobody really edits here anymore and that there's a lot of pages missing info, I've decided to make it my responsibility to make this a proper wiki.
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• 10/23/2017

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• 8/25/2016

Wiki Adoption

Hi there!
My name is Sheena or Psychobilly and I'm here to propose that I take over this wiki.
Coming to this wiki as a fan of Night Blights and personal friends with the creator of this game, I have a huge love and passion for this game. Coming here and seeing the lack of edits and mods disappointed me greatly. So, I want to take over this wiki and rebuild it, adding all the info this wiki needs to build a great community and become a helpful reference to anything and everything Night Blights.
Things I would do if I adopted this wiki:

Create a special background, favicon and wiki header image
Create portable infoboxes for characters and game info
Fill out information on each page ranging from the each night to the game mechanics
Upload hi-res and transparent images that I receive from the game's developer and add them to their respected pages
Unite the community with interactive forum discussions, forum games, etc
Please leave any and all questions, concerns and comments down below and let me know what you think!
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